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Web Leeches are the Scum-Sucking Maggots
of the Internet Underworld!

Spam leech:     "Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology"



Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology (Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd.) is a Chinese domain name registrar with no concern regarding their customer's use of their services to send massive volumes of Spam. Call your local Chinese embassy and beg them to prosecute and execute these scum bags.

Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology
Website: www.dns.com.cn
Xinwanghulian (Beijing) Sales and Marketing Service Centers:
Address: Haidian District, Beijing Tsinghua Science Park T Building Block A-20, 100084
Phone:   010-95105612,         010-82151122         fax: 010-82151122-8129
E-mail: litao@dns.com.cnbjsales@dns.com.cn
More contact data

Customer/Partner: super spammer & scum-sucking maggot Robert Soloway
www.EmailMarketingAssociates.com & www.EmailSolutionCorp.com
- as in "Email advertise to 7,500,000 people"
- Web Leech page for Robert Soloway                        (coming soon)
Contact details if you are getting spammed:
Name: Liu Feng (likely a fake whois name)
Phone: +86.20321000232 Fax: +86.20321000232 (likely fake whois numbers)

1) Systematic research concerning registration data of volumes of domain names from spam messages regarding illegal drug sales and "male enhancement" products routinely showed Beijing Innovative Linkage to be the registrar and/or hosting company of record.

2) Numerous email inquiries regarding their customer violations of California and other Spam laws went unanswered. None of the domain names reported to them were disabled anytime soon after notification.

3) The government of China recently executed a former drug safety commissioner for taking bribes. The management of Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd. deserves nothing less for facilitating spam emails to damage email servers the world over that are certainly numbered in the TRILLIONS. Why should a hundred million email recipients be charged in terms of bandwidth let alone time spent deleting emails, or business servers lose billions of dollars in productivity so that the executives of Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology can profit from emails offering penis enlargement or illegal drug sales? They are responsible in every way for allowing the practice to continue one more day!

4) Spam is always received from many domain names within a day or two of registration. It is likely that they are shut down after a few days or weeks of sending volumes of Spam, and the resulting complaints that must be generated.

A sample list of offending domain names are listed below
(along with domains directly tied to spam scum Bob Soloway).


eKarma: There is a great deal of satisfaction derived from posting ads that derive revenues from the domain names and relevant contact and other data of the very same Web Leeches that are stealing from all of us.

*** Your every click helps fight this fraudulent Internet practice!



Call ICANN at 310-823-9358!!! DEMAND that they take immediate action regarding this ACCREDITED REGISTRAR!

Sample Spam (illegal drug sales):

From: Johnie Murphy [gharmonjyuj@betreuungsverein-s-filder.de]        07-17-07
(random 'From" name means your in box will eventually display a name you know - falsified email "From" addresses are usually real - harvested from Web - if you are receiving Spam, your email address is definitely used to display in Spam sent to other Spam recipients)
To: Starr
(random name displayed in all Spam "To" lines - sent to unrelated email addresses harvested from the Web)
Subject: Can you help
(typical subject lines are randomly generated by the Spam software program from lists of attention getting phrases)

Email Message:
This newsletter is dedicated to the results of the up to date customer satisfaction survey taken by the International Pharmacopoeia Committee.
They assessment on-line medicine store client and then grade all on-line
pharmacies. The year 2006 main award given to: Discount Online Drug
store, naming us the highest web based in the world in clientele fulfillment.

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The aim of this letter is to help you to conquer better health.

Adeline Cunningham

(the message is always different text so you cannot use anti-Spam programming such as in Microsoft Outlook - the purpose of the "GIBBERISH TEXT" is meant to defeat the complicated anti-Spam programming [such as Spam Assassin] that is usually based on the computer server of the ISP or the website's hosting company - the domain name is almost always registered only a few days before - thanks again to the WORLESS ICANN for allowing names to be used for 5 free days - otherwise, thanks to the WORTHLESS ICANN for not mandating that registrars and hosting companies be held strictly accountable for their customer base)

Headers:                                         (recipient's identity removed)
Return-Path: <gharmonjyuj@betreuungsverein-s-filder.de>
X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.1.7 (2006-10-05) on
X-Spam-Level: *
X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.7 required=4.0 tests=RCVD_IN_NJABL_DUL
autolearn=no version=3.1.7
Received: from betreuungsverein-s-filder.de ([])
by serverXXX.STOLENEMAILADDRESS.com (8.13.6.XXXXXXXX/8.13.6) with SMTP id l6HD1hM2004036
for <XXX@STOLENEMAILADDRESS.com>; Tue, 17 Jul 2007 06:03:01 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX@gharmonjyuj>
Reply-To: "Johnie Murphy" <gharmonjyuj@betreuungsverein-s-filder.de>
From: "Johnie Murphy" <gharmonjyuj@betreuungsverein-s-filder.de>
Subject: Can you help
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 22:47:08 +1000
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1106
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2800.1106

(thanks to Microsoft and other Internet conglomerates, anyone can falsify the sender's data - it is usually falsified with some victim's true data - since there is little recourse when email can be sent with false delivery information - and there is a world of idiots, mentally ill, stolen credit card carrying thieves, and jilted ex-lovers who are all too willing to respond to or actually provide credit cards for purchases to the senders of illegal drug "stores" or penis enlargement miracles...)

This web trash sells products from Beijing Innovative...


D/B/A DNS.COM.CN Spam Emails & Nameservers:



www.ARATEGEE.COM, SERVWEE22.COM, PIOTIONGANDESUNKDES.COM, 24storerx.org, againrx.org, ainfedel.com, bigdealrx.org, buffetrx.org, care4rx.org, counterrx.org, dearmeds.org, famousrx.org, findinrx.org, geniusrx.org, goodsrx.org, hellorx.org, hey-do-you-remember.com, hey-do-you-remember-a.com, hey-do-you-remember-b.com, hey-do-you-remember-c.com, home4rx.org, oopsrx.org, opensrx.org, power4rx.org, rxanswer.org, rxboxes.org, rxcorner.org, rxfriends.org, rxhotline.org, rxnice.org, rxprevail.org, rxtalks.org, rxturn.org, rxwinner.org, spotrx.org, thanksrx.org, thebestrx.org, timemeds.org, touchrx.org, uneed8rx.org, wiserx.org, 22rx.com, 33rx.com, 44rx.com, lodrx.com, zodrx.com, ledrx.com, vedrx.com, tetrx.com, kedrx.com, tedrx.com, zonrx.com, rx555.com, ERTUNJDASFUNKIN.COM, hey-buddy-a.com, hey-buddy-b.com, hey-buddy-c.com, hey-buddy-d.com, hey-buddy-e.com, AHUE.HK, 116f5ebd.com, 6064b195.com, advrefi.com, logintonyspaciese.com, AJAXMX.COM, shipfaz.com, SOHU.net, xzyy.com, cgi7issapi.com, 926817A885D86E1.COM, ILOVEYEW.HK, 52352A0C60A9C29.COM, ser­vwee22.com, paycenter.com.cn, abunnae.com, abyuhe.com, apprimm.com, 

Related to super spammer trash Robert Soloway:

Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Contact Info:

新网互联(深圳)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Shenzhen) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司深圳分公司
Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd., Shenzhen Branch
地 址:Address: 深圳市福田区深南大道1056号银座国际709(车公庙
)Shenzhen Shennan Road, Futian District, Ginza 1056 International 709 (temple)
邮 编:Zip: 518040518040
邮 件:Email: szagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0755-836998830755-83699883
传 真:Fax: 0755-613515350755-61351535
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行总行营业部
China Merchants Bank turnover
帐 号:Account: 31800282100013180028210001

新网互联(广州)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Guangzhou) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司广州分公司
Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
地 址:Address: 广州市天河路625号天娱广场东塔1801A室
Guangzhou Tianhe Road 625 days Entertainment Plaza East Tower, Room 1801
邮 编:Zip: 510630510630
电子邮件:E-mail: gzagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 020-87581570020-87581570
传 真:Fax:


开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行广州分行龙口支行
Guangzhou branch of China Merchants Bank branch in Longkou
帐 号:Account: 120905446610201120905446610201

新网互联(南京)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Nanjing) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司南京分公司
Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd. Nanjing branch
地 址:Address: 南京市鼓楼区汉中路120号青华大厦B座2803室
Nanjing Gulou District 120 Hanzhong Road, Tsing Hua Building Block B, Room 2803
邮 编:Zip: 210029210029
电子邮件:E-mail: njagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 025-84718142、84718242、84718342025-84718142,84718242,84718342
传 真:Fax: 025-84718542025-84718542
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行南京分行营业部
China Merchants Bank Nanjing Branch Office
帐 号:Account: 0779 2125 9036 0121 08020779 2125 9036 0121 0802

新网互联(杭州)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Hangzhou) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司杭州分公司
Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd. Hangzhou Branch
地 址:Address: 浙江省杭州市文三路478号华星时代广场903室
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Road 478 Chinese Star Times Square, Room 903
邮 编:Zip: 310012310012
电子邮件:E-mail: hzagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0571-89935066、89935069、899350710571-89935066,89935069,89935071
传 真:Fax: 0571-882112940571-88211294
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行杭州分行高新支行Hangzhou Branch of China Merchants Bank branch high
帐 号:Account: 663581183210001663581183210001

新网互联(成都)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Chengdu) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司成都分公司Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd. Chengdu branch
地 址:Address: 成都市人民南路四段19号威斯顿联邦大厦9HChengdu people of South Weston were four sections of the 19th Federal Building H 9
邮 编:Zip: 610041610041
电子邮件:E-mail: cdagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 028-85268383、85268585、85268787028-85268383,85268585,85268787
传 真:Fax: 028-85268787-801028-85268787-801
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行成都分行科华路支行
China Merchants Bank branch in Chengdu Branch Road branch in China
帐 号:Account: 75816351100017581635110001

新网互联(厦门)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Xiamen) Marketing Service Centers
公司名称:Company Name: 北京新网互联科技有限公司厦门分公司
Beijing Xinwanghulian Technology Ltd Xiamen branch
地 址:Address: 厦门市厦禾路820号帝豪大厦1106室
Xiamen City Shahelu 820 Imperial Building Room 1106
邮 编:Zip: 361004361004
电子邮件:E-mail: zhenghf@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0592-3850120、3850365、38503670592-3850120,3850365,3850367
传 真:Fax: 0592-38503660592-3850366
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 招商银行厦门分行
China Merchants Bank branch in Xiamen
帐 号:Account: 682081122710001682081122710001

新网互联(重庆)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Chongqing) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 重庆市渝中区枇杷正街261号2单元
5-6 Loquat Yuzhong District of Chongqing No. 2 center 261 units 5 -6
邮 编:Zip: 400010400010
电子邮件:E-mail: cqagent@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 023-63514183023-63514183
传 真:Fax: 023-63514183023-63514183

新网互联(沈阳)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Shenyang) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 沈阳市和平区太原南街99号环宇世纪星城C座1809室
Shenyang City Taiyuan Street South Zone of Peace, 99 Universal satellite towns Century Room C, 1809
邮 编:Zip: 110004110004
电子邮件:E-mail: liuyq@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 024-23504802024-23504802
传 真:Fax: 024-23504802024-23504802

新网互联(西安)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Xi'an) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 西安市含光北路7号12207室
Xi'an sea on the 7th North Room 12207
邮 编:Zip: 710068710068
电子邮件:E-mail: xuli@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 029-62272977029-62272977
传 真:Fax: 029-62272977029-62272977

新网互联(武汉)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Wuhan) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 武汉市武昌区武珞路568号南方帝园B座2401室
Wuchang District of Wuhan City Road Wu Luo 568 Dili, the South Park Block B, Room 2401
邮 编:Zip: 430000430000
电子邮件:E-mail: wuhan@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 027-87814376027-87814376
传 真:Fax: 027-87814376027-87814376

新网互联(山东)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Shandong) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 青岛市市北区吉林路41号青岛科技广场6号楼
1008Qingdao City in Jilin Road 41 North, Qingdao Technology Plaza Building 6 1008
邮 编:Zip: 266012266012
电子邮件:E-mail: qingdao@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0532-880290900532-88029090
传 真:Fax: 0532-880290900532-88029090

新网互联(郑州)营销服务中心Xinwanghulian (Zhengzhou) Marketing Service Centers
地 址:Address: 郑州市健康路168号华林广场B栋14楼C座
Zhengzhou City health Waring Road Plaza, 168 B-dong 14 House C
邮 编:Zip: 450012450012
电子邮件:E-mail: zhengzhou@dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0371-639696330371-63969633
传 真:Fax: 0371-639696330371-63969633

新网互联(佛山)交费服务中心Xinwanghulian (Foshan) service center in Malaysia
公司名称:Company Name: 佛山市品科网络信息服务有限公司
Foshan Commodities Network Information Services Ltd.
地 址:Address: 佛山市公正路83号房建大厦401室
Foshan City Road, just 83 of the 401 Building on Room
邮 编:Zip: 528000528000
电子邮件:E-mail: agent112@agent.dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0757-831873390757-83187339
传 真:Fax: 0757-822980270757-82298027
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 中国农业银行佛山市环市分行
Agricultural Bank of China Central Foshan City branch
帐 号:Account: 438001040000994438001040000994

新网互联(珠海)交费服务中心Xinwanghulian (Zhuhai) service center in Malaysia
公司名称:Company Name: 珠海之窗信息技术有限公司
Zhuhai window Information Technology Co., Ltd.
地 址:Address: 珠海市人民西路961号翠珠花园2栋2B座一楼Zhuhai Municipal People Chui 961 West Pearl Garden 2 2 Block B, first floor,
邮 编:Zip: 519071519071
电子邮件:E-mail: agent104@agent.dns.com.cn
电 话:Tel: 0756-8601555、8602777、86071380756-8601555,8602777,8607138
传 真:Fax: 0756-86078330756-8607833
开 户 行:Bank accounts: 珠海市交通银行翠微支行
Cuiwei Zhuhai City Bank branches
帐 号:Account: 000091018000806051000091018000806051


If you have any questions regarding payment can be sent to : bill@dns.com.cn. in order to obtain a satisfactory response.


Registrar Name: BEIJING INNOVATIVE LINKAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD. DBA DNS.COM.CN Address: 20/F,Block A,SP Tower,Tsinghua Science Park Building 8,No.1 Zhongguancun East Road Haidian District,Beijing 100084,P.R.China, Beijing, China 100084, CN Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122 Email: vgrs@dns.com.cn Whois Server: whois.dns.com.cn Referral URL: www.dns.com.cn Admin Contact: April . Hu Phone Number: +86-10-8215-1122 Email: HUVAN@DNS.COM.CN Admin Contact: Wei . Li Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122 Email: liwei@dns.com.cn Billing Contact: Wei . Li Phone Number: + 86 10-82151122 Email: liwei@dns.com.cn Technical Contact: Feng . Zhai Phone Number: + 86 10-82601212 Email: zhaifeng@dns.com.cn






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